Masters in Math Education

When you choose Masters in Math Education, the degree program will provide you with specialized knowledge and strong mathematics teaching skills. This course will prepare students to certify in the secondary field of teaching mathematics, as well as preparing them for teaching at elementary through high school level. With detailed instruction and sophisticated research skills, you will become a better math teacher.

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This program is suitable for certified teachers who have a Bachelor”s Degree wishing to earn secondary certification in mathematics. Students participating in this degree program must have appropriate mathematical knowledge. This can be achieved by taking graduate courses in mathematics at reputable universities in your state.

You have two options for taking this degree: an initial certificate for teaching elementary level will require 43 points. A professional certificate for teaching high school math will be given to those who have already met the initial certification requirements. You will receive ongoing support from members of the university faculty to become involved in both ongoing projects and professional activities.

To enroll in this degree program, you should apply to graduate school and complete the relevant application form to determine whether or not the program meets your needs. The course will require all students to be evaluated or examined during the semester. These evaluations will be in the form of research projects and can be taken by student on or off campus.

The faculty aims to provide numerous training for teachers and there are many programs you can participate in. As there is a shortage of qualified math teachers in many states, there are fellowship programs available for training talented people to become high school teachers. The financial support given to these individuals will support them in their early years of careers.

This fellowship program is currently only available in large cities and is endorsed by the Department of Education. The 50,000 dollar award is given to top quality teachers in order to give them recognition as well as financial aid. Only those who have shown outstanding performance will be given this award.

Furthermore, to address the shortage of female public school teachers, the fellowship award may be offered to new full time masters candidates who wish to broaden their knowledge in mathematics education or science programs. This award is a one-time payment of 28,000 dollars to assist with tuition fees. To qualify, you must agree to teach in a New York city public school after you graduate. All women are eligible regardless of their ethnicity, as long as they show enthusiasm and strong dedication to working in the city school and they have a need for financial assistance.

Graduates of masters in Math Education have many career opportunities available to them both within the academic community in their country and abroad. These include teaching mathematics or computer science at different levels, from secondary to high school. You can work as a specialist in this field or as a coordinator. Training new teachers in a university is also possible in the private sector. The salaries can vary between 68,000 up to 110,000 dollars per year depending on your experience.

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