Masters in School Psychology

A Masters in School Psychology is a degree for those that wish to work with students in the field of education. An undergraduate degree in psychology as a prerequisite.

A psychologist in schools works with students, teachers, and parents, for all kinds of educational and social problems. You may be counseling students one on one, or as a group.  In some cases, the psychologist also evaluates educational programs for their effectiveness. This responsibility includes examining policies on academics as well as behavior.

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If you wish to be a psychologist who works with students and the education system you will need a Master of Science degree, and in some cases, you may need a specialist degree. A Master of Science can take up to three years to obtain, and an internship is usually required. Specialist degrees are known as Ed. S and fall between Master of Science and Doctoral Degrees.

If you wish to become a psychologist in the education system you will need to be licensed. It is important to check with the state or location where you reside, as rules and regulations can vary a great deal. In most states of the U. S. you receive your license from the National Association of School Psychologists. You will need to meet the requirements of semester hours and time served as an intern and also will have to pass a special test from the Praxis Series.

There are a number of career possibilities for someone with a Master’s Degree in School Psychology.  The degree enables you to be a psychologist in elementary, middle, and high schools. You also may work as a school counselor, similar to someone who has obtained a Masters in School Counseling. As a qualified psychologist you also may find work in the health care industry and in private practice. Some graduates find work as high school psychology teachers.

Your Master’s in School Psychology will provide core training in many kinds of behavior and intervention scenarios. You will have a set of core courses, but also must complete electives for your own personalized program. It is important to check with your education facility for all the requirements that you will need.

Many of these education programs require a thesis as a basis for your final grades. A thesis is similar to a doctoral program, as you must conduct your own research and write an extensive report. In most cases, you will need to present your thesis to a board of faculty and also defend in an open forum.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, school psychologists earn an average of $66,000 per year. Those working in health care average about $68,000 annually. The outlook for jobs in the future shows more than ten percent growth.

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There are several reasons to pursue a Masters in School Psychology degree. You can find employment in many positions. The work is performed in a comfortable environment and the hours are regular. Also, the wages are very good and job benefits are excellent in most places.