Masters in Special Education

Your Masters in Special Education Degree will qualify you to work with children who have many needs, including children with learning and physical disabilities. It also may include students with behavior problems. You might be involved in teaching basic as well as learning skills.

Teaching special education requires a variety of training as some children may have problems with speaking, hearing, or sight. Some students may suffer with conditions such as mental retardation, attention deficit disorder, or autism. During the course of a teaching career, you may work with other teachers or within your own class.

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Students with Bachelor’s Degrees in Teaching may opt to receive their Master of Science Degree in Special Education. When you enroll in a post-graduate degree program, you may be required to choose a specific field to specialize in. For example, you could work in school environments or within the Department of Corrections.

Your Master of Science program will have basic courses that are required, and these can include leadership, and motor skills assessment. The program is designed for those with Bachelor’s Degrees to finish in two years. In most cases, you will spend time as a student teacher working with children who have some kind of learning disabilities.

There are online Master’s in Special Education Degrees available. However, you still may need to serve time as a teacher aid or student teacher. Yet, many of the classroom courses can be taken on your own time and at your own pace.

If you decide to become a special education teacher, you will probably need a Master of Science Degree. You also will need a license and requirements may vary from location to location. You will need to check with your local agencies for everything that is needed.

Your career as a teacher may involve personal instruction to students. You also may be required to observe and evaluate students. You may work with other teachers to develop effective curriculum and programs for children who have disabilities. Some teachers work with children on life skills such as dressing themselves or tying their shoes.

If you work as an instruction coordinator, you will design programs for children with learning problems. This also includes choosing classroom teaching aids and materials. You may be required to instruct other teachers in effective procedures for teaching.

Your Master of Science degree is an important stepping stone if you wish to teach at college level. However, you will require a great deal more training with a doctoral degree. You may teach others in universities or technical schools with this qualification.

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If you enjoy working with children who need a great deal of assistance, you may wish to pursue a Masters in Special Education Degree. The average teacher pay for this job is $50,000 annually and can be as high as $80,000. Instructional coordinators average about the same and those teaching at college level can earn considerably more. The future for these jobs is bright, as there should be many positions available in the coming decade. Figures are from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.